You are currently viewing 20 Best Free helpful Chrome Extensions in 2024
20 Best Free helpful Chrome Extensions in 2024

20 Best Free helpful Chrome Extensions in 2024

20 Best Free helpful Chrome Extensions in 2024

Hi there, today we’re going to share some incredible Chrome Extensions with you, that will increase your browsing productivity faster. Extensions are very helpful if you are a student, working professional and someone who use internet enough time. Chrome Extension will make the life easy to do the task fast and more

20 Best Free helpful Chrome Extensions in 2024

1. Blackbox

Blackbox is a useful chrome extension that help to Copy Code/Text from image and videos. BLACKBOX is the fastest way to extract code or text from videos and images!

Link: Click here

2. Picture in Picture

With the help of the well-known Chrome addon “Picture in Picture” (PiP), you can watch videos in a floating window that sits on top of other open apps or tabs.

This makes it simple for you to multitask without minimizing windows or flipping between tabs.
All things considered, Picture in Picture extensions can be a useful tool for enhancing your browsing and maximizing your time.

Picture in Picture provide a practical means of watching films without compromising concentration or productivity.

Link: Click here

3. Text Blaze

With Text Blaze, you can type repeating text, phrases, and templates more quickly and efficiently.

Text Blaze is a robust Chrome plugin. It provides a range of capabilities to make your online workflow more efficient, such as:


  • Generate text excerpts that you can quickly insert with a single tap or keystroke. This is perfect for boilerplate text, addresses, email signatures, and commonly used phrases.
  • Create templates for various tasks, such as generating code snippets, filling out forms, and sending emails. Date, time, and custom input are examples of dynamic variables that can be added to the templates.


  • Make programs that run automatically when you type particular words or phrases. These actions could be adding text, executing scripts, launching tabs, or even automatically completing forms.
  • As you type, Text Blaze’s AI-powered autocomplete can provide pertinent snippets and templates to you instantly.

Link: Click here

4. Wordtune

With Wordtune, you can optimize your writing instantly in your web browser thanks to its potent artificial intelligence-powered Chrome extension. An overview of its main attributes and advantages is provided below:


  • Rewrite: Use a variety of rephrasing techniques to improve the tone, style, and formality of your sentences and paragraphs.
  • Concisely summarize the main ideas found in emails, articles, and other text formats.
  • AI composition: Find ideas for finishing sentences, crafting beginnings and conclusions, and even idea generation.
  • Check your text’s readability: analyzing its complexity and making suggestions for adjustments to boost comprehension.
  • Multilingual support: Allows you to modify and translate your writing with ease in a number of languages.


  • Maintain your own voice and message while streamlining your writing.
  • Become confident in your writing and generate creative ideas.
  • Using AI assistance, you can edit and polish your writing faster.
  • Communicate clearly and impactfully for professional and personal use.
  • Make your content accessible to different audiences and readers.

Link: Click here

5. Tempmail

Tempmail provides you with temporary, disposable email addresses for the purpose of protecting your privacy and avoiding spam.

Anyone who wants to browse the web or participate in other online activities privately and without being bombarded with spam will find Tempmail to be helpful tool. It provides practical and safe means of protecting your private email address from malicious access andother dangers.


  • Reduce Spam: Use a temporary address to forward unsolicited emails in order to keep your primary inbox organized and spotless.
  • Security: Guard against email address-related viruses and possible phishing frauds.
  • Anonymity: Participate in internet activities without disclosing who you are.
  • Multiple Addresses are the following: Create and oversee several temporary emails at once.
  • Self-defeating Emails: Configure temporary addresses to be automatically deleted after usage by setting expiration times.
  • Convenient and Easy: With only a few clicks, temporary email accounts will be created and used quickly and easily.

Somethings to Think About:

  • Not every website or business will allow temporary email addresses.
  • Never use them for private correspondence or business dealings.
  • You must read the terms of service of any websites you use with Tempmail.

Link: Click here

6. Enable Copy Paste

Are you sick of websites that prohibit copying and pasting text? Now let me introduce you to “Enable Copy Paste” a Chrome extension that gives you control back. Put an end to cumbersome workarounds.

This clever application frees you from websites’ anti-copy restrictions so you can easily take the necessary text and images. Simply highlight the desired area, click the extension button, and it’s done! Everything at your fingertips.

Gone are the tedious hand typing and screenshotting. Enable Copy Paste frees you, whether it’s with vital research data, hilarious memes, or that game-changing recipe. Reclaim your digital rights and confidently copy!

Link: Click here

7. Grammarly

With the Grammarly Chrome extension, you can write with confidence and clarity whenever you communicate online. It offers real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks and integrates smoothly with web pages. But Grammarly does more than just teach syntax.

It even customizes its criticism to your writing style and offers synonyms for better word choice in addition to spotting plagiarism.

Imagine writing emails, messages on social media, or papers online without any mistakes or clumsy language. Grammarly polishes your writing by highlighting mistakes, offering clarifications, and suggesting changes.

It even detects subtle grammatical errors like improperly positioned modifiers and problems with subject-verb agreement.

The Grammarly Chrome plugin simplifies your online writing experience, regardless of your level of experience.

It’s like having a supportive editor at your side who gives you more confidence and makes sure your message is understood. So put an end to your errors and let your creative side shine with Grammarly’s assistance.

Link: Click here

8. Clearly Reader

Clearly Reader for Chrome creates reading spaces free from distractions on busy webpages. Press the symbol, and presto! Sidebars, advertisements, and clumsy layouts are gone.

All that’s left is the clear, understandable text, formatted in the colour and font of your choice. Ideal for concentrating on online texts that get lost in digital noise, such as news stories or other texts.

However, Clearly Reader is more than just a reading mode. It allows you to listen to content read aloud in natural voices, translate languages on the spot, and export articles to Markdown or PDF for offline reading or reference.
Additionally, it accommodates a variety of reading demands with dyslexia-friendly features including text spacing and color modifications.

Link: Click here

9. Readme: Free Text to Speech online

You can create your own audiobook from any webpage with Free Text to Speech Online! When you highlight text, tap the speaker icon to hear it read aloud in a range of realistic voices by the extension.

Enjoy the benefits of multitasking when reading articles, emails, or even papers that are available online. Say goodbye to eye pressure.

With this free Chrome extension, you can customize the voice and read in several languages at different reading rates.

You can use Free Text to Speech Online to keep your hands free when studying, learning a language, or just to protect your eyes. It’s similar to always having a pocket narrator available to read whatever you want.

Link: Click here

10. AdGuard Adblocker

AdGuard Adblocker is a powerful tool that protects you from online ads in Chrome. It can be used to block pop-ups, video pre-rolls, and banners on all of your favorite websites.

AdGuard’s effective filtering also helps to speed up page loading and prevents tracking. However, AdGuard offers more than just ad-aversion, it also protects you from malicious trackers and spyware, protecting your privacy while you browse.

You can use its customizable filters to whitelist websites you want to see or specific ads you want to see. So, browse with peace of mind, knowing that you are in charge of what you see online.

Link: Click here

11. Scrolling Screenshot & Website Annotation App

Whether you need to document a lengthy article, share a complex workflow, or collaborate on website design, the “Scrolling Screenshot & Website Annotation App” extension for Chrome gives you the ability to capture full-length webpages, even ones that extend beyond your screen.

Key Features:

  • Effortlessly scroll screenshots: Capture the entire webpage, no matter how long, in a single, seamless image.
  • Powerful annotation tools: Add comments, highlight text, draw arrows, and more to add clarity to your captured content.
  • Multiple Output Formats: Choose to save your annotated screenshots as PNG, JPG, or PDF for maximum flexibility.
  • Collaboration-Friendly: Share your annotated screenshots with others for feedback and screenshots with others for feedback and discussion.

Link: Click here

12. Dark Reader

Do late-night scrolls on bright screens make your eyes feel like zombies? Presenting Dark Reader, a Chrome extension that turns webpages into dark, comforting spaces for the eyes.

Imagine yourself in a comfortable, dark setting, perhaps curled up with a good book under a warm lamp, reading articles, and browsing the web. That is Dark Reader’s magic!

Why go dark?

  • Decreased eye strain: Harsh blue light from screens can wear you out and make it difficult to fall asleep. The dark theme of Dark Reader reduces blue light, allowing your eyes to rest comfortably.
  • For improved reading: Because the text stands out against the dark background, it is simpler to read and focus on. Ideal for studying late into the night or for reading the news once everyone has gone to sleep.
  • Comfortable to suit your needs: Change the colour temperature, contrast, and brightness to create the ideal reading atmosphere. Consider it akin to turning down the lights in your personal online reading.

Link: Click here

13. Ultimate Toolbar GPT -For ChatGpt

Use the Ultimate Toolbar GPT Chrome extension to fully utilize ChatGPT. Give your AI writing partner a simplified power-up by doing away with easy interfaces:

  • Prompt Powerhouse: With over 300+ combinable choices, you may create the ideal prompts with a variety of tones, types, lengths, and even Excel functions! No more headaches with rapid engineering.
  • Voice Control Magic: Talk and see your thoughts instantaneously translated into ChatGPT prompts using Voice Control Magic. Give your imagination free rein and let it go!
  • Keep and Utilise Favourites: For quick access, keep your commonly used prompts close at hand. There’s no need to start from scratch every time.
  • Exporting is Simple: To share and modify further, download your ChatGPT outputs in clear Word or PDF format.
  • Automation Is About to Happen: Discover the built-in features for creating chatbots, checking for plagiarism, and even using AI to create websites!

Link: Click here


14. ChatGpt Writer

Saying goodbye to awkward drafts and writer’s block! With the ChatGPT Writer Chrome extension, you can quickly and easily create creative emails, messages, and other content.

Consider this:

  • Effortless Emailing: With ChatGPT’s AI wizardry, create engaging email openings, body paragraphs, and even entire answers.
  • Master Message: Write intelligent messages for LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, and let ChatGPT Writer be your creative partner.
  • More Than Just Text: ChatGPT Writer is your all-purpose writing helper. Get assistance with idea generation, content outline, and even language translation.
  • Promise of Privacy: Only your prompts are forwarded to ChatGPT; emails are generated locally on your device, protecting your data.

Link: Click here

15. Screenshot YouTube

No more rewinding, pausing, and fumbling with your phone! a screenshot If you want to get gorgeous stills and clips from your favourite YouTube videos, all you need to do is visit YouTube.

Simply clicking allows you to:

  • Capture Perfect Frames: Without pausing playback, take still photos of amusing gaffes, stunning scenery, or anything else that catches your eye.
  • Instantaneous Download or Sharing: In a matter of seconds, share screenshots with friends online or save them straight to your PC. No clumsy editing or cropping is required!
  • Various Formats, Infinite Choices: For those incredible response shots, select GIFs, bespoke sections, or even full-screen captures. YouTube screenshots itself to fit your demands.
  • Streamlined and discrete: Your screenshots shouldn’t have large watermarks or obtrusive buttons. Simply exquisite, wonderfully captured moments to relish.

Link: Click here

16. Trimbox

Unsubscribe mail like a Pro with Trimbox!

Stop wasting time in unsubscribe hell! Trimbox is a quick, effective, and safe way to have a more organised and contented inbox. Install it now and say goodbye to email overload!


  • Unsubscribe with a Click: Trimbox’s teal icon, hovering next to the sender, helps you identify irritating email lists. Simply click it to shoot! In an instant, you’re unsubscribed.
  • Magic for Mass Unsubscribe: You no longer have to look for unsubscribe buttons. With only one click, Trimbox allows you to select many emails at once and send them to the unsubscribe domain. Never has batch freedom felt better!
  • Clear Out Old Junk: Do you feel like you’re buried in outdated spam from years ago? With Trimbox, you can delete email ghosts in bulk, giving your inbox more room and bringing some peace back to your digital life.
  • Private & Safe: Your computer retains your info. You can confidently unsubscribe from Trimbox because it doesn’t share any information with third parties.

Link: Click here

17. ChatGPT Sidebar

Are you ready to write smarter rather than harder? Get ChatGPT Sidebar now to discover the wonders of writing driven by AI!

ChatGPT Sidebar is your AI writing assistant Chrome Extension, regardless of your needs.

This extension gives you the ability to do more with words, whether you’re a student experiencing writer’s block, a marketing creating compelling copy, or just someone who wants to learn more about AI.


  • Smooth Integration: Click any webpage to instantly access ChatGPT. No more copying and pasting or switching between tabs.
  • Quick Powerhouse: To direct ChatGPT to your desired output, from creating original text forms to sending emails and code, you can select from pre-crafted prompts or create your own.
  • Partner-by-Partner Collaboration: Maintain the transparency of both your source material and ChatGPT’s answer so that you can easily compare and improve your work.
  • Real-time Feedback: Obtain recommendations for enhancing your prompts and outputs instantly, simplifying the process of ideation and editing.
  • Several Languages: With ChatGPT, you may communicate in more than 80 languages and explore endless creative possibilities.

Link: Click here

18.YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude

Tired of long YouTube videos yet still want to learn? Enter ChatGPT & Claude’s YouTube Summary! You can understand video content faster and with less effort if you use this Chrome extension.

Your best safeguard against information overload is a YouTube summary. This extension is a game-changer for anyone who values their time, be it a busy professional staying informed, a student preparing for exams, or anyone else.

19. Superpower ChatGPT

ChatGPT is fantastic, but what if you could unlock its full potential? Superpower ChatGPT can help with that! Your secret weapon for improving the quality of your AI writing is this Chrome extension.

Superpower ChatGPT is more than simply an extension; it is a community of AI enthusiasts. Take advice from others, impart your knowledge, and explore the limits of AI writing.
Are you ready to unleash the full potential of ChatGPT? Become a creativity expert driven by AI by installing Superpower ChatGPT !

20.WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

Ever feel like ChatGPT needs a little…internet access? Well, hold onto your hats, because WebChatGPT is here to supercharge your AI friend with real-time web knowledge!

WebChatGPT is like giving ChatGPT a superpower upgrade. Whether you’re researching complex topics, brainstorming creative ideas, or simply seeking more informed answers, this extension unlocks the true potential of AI powered by the vast knowledge of the web.

Link: Click here

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