1. Win Key + E

This shortcut key provide quick access to your files and folders.

Open file Explorer

2. Win Key + D

This is useful shortcut key for quickly minimizing all open windows to view the desktop.


3. Win Key + L

Using this shortcut key you can instantly Lock your PC.

Lock PC

4. Win Key + R

This shortcut key  allowing you to quickly execute commands or launch programs by typing their names.

Open the Run dialog box

5. Win Key + I

This shortcut key Directly open the Windows Settings, providing access to various system settings and configurations.

Open Settings

6. Win Key + Tab

Displays all open windows and virtual desktops, making it easy to switch between applications and manage multiple desktops.

Open Task View

7. Win + Number (1-9)

Open or switch to the application pinned to the taskbar in the position corresponding to the number.

Access Taskbar Apps

8. Win + X

Opens a menu with quick access to advanced system tools and settings, including Device Manager, Control Panel, and more.

Open Power User menu

9. Win + Shift + S

Opens the Snip & Sketch tool, allowing you to capture and annotate screenshots.

Take a screenshot with Snip & Sketch.

10. Win + Pause/Break

Opens the System Properties window, providing information about your computer and allowing access to system settings.

Open the System Properties window